Twenty-Seven Months

January 13, 2014


The season of Christmas reminds us of many gifts, foremost the gift of Christ himself. Especially for Mommy and me, though, we are reminded of how much you are a gift to us. This month brought almost 3 weeks in Colorado, with Nana and Papa, Grandpa and Grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins! Much fun was had by all, even Molly. She got chased around relentlessly, but also herded constantly, so all was in balance. The trip to Colorado was a wonderful time with family and friends, including your first sleepover with Grandpa and Grandpa. Much fun was had by all involved, I’m sure.

We remain amazed every day at the improvement in your vocabulary. Lots of reasoning going on in that head of yours:

  • “Can I roll down the stairs?” (Not recommended by your pediatrician.)
  • “Mommy, let’s talk about gummy bears!”
  • “Can I have a pogo stick?” (After seeing another kiddo at the park with a pogo stick. Not until you’re older, which you will be hearing a lot, I think.)
  • “I have pretty teeth!” (Constantly, after your first trip to the dentist this month.
  • “I’m not touching, I’m pointing!” (When instructed to stop touching things at the store. Love and logic is fantastic until their logic outstrips yours, around the age of 27 months, apparently. We’ve coined a new term for this – “lettered”, when our instructions are defeated by you follow the letter of the instruction exactly, while ignoring completely what we actually wanted you to do. )
  • “I don’t want to look like a snowman. I want to look like Seth.” (When informed that he looked like a snowman in his coat, etc.)
  • “Shall we <go to the park|have a treat|read a book|anything he wants>” (Only when you started using “shall we …?” for all questions did we realize how much we say it.)
  • “Nana, put on your seatbelt!”
  • “Can we see Spider-Man?” (On seeing any Christmas lights anywhere, after seeing Spider-Man once in a Christmas display. I guess the superheroes still stick…with great power comes great responsibility…)
  • “I need a band-aid!” (For any bumps or bruises, scratches, you name it. Fix it fast!)
  • “I’m stressed.” (After flopping down on the floor next to us in the living room on New Year’s Eve.)

The same things have happened with your motor skills this month. You’ve been very focused on building towers with Daddy, which I can’t get enough of either. It’s bringing out your organizational side, which is so much fun to watch. You’re peeling your own fruit, making circles on your plate from Cheerios, and many other things that are just a joy to watch. Of course, new motor skills and you adventurous spirit brings many new rules we didn’t expect to need. “Seth, we do not ride the dog.” 30 seconds later, “Seth, we also do not tackle the dog.”

It’s a new year, according to the calendar. but every day with you is brand new and unexpected anyway, so we get to toast to the fun every night after we put you to bed anyway. Also, fireworks…definitely fireworks around here some days, but we’re celebrating the gift that you are, and continue to be. Don’t stop growing, learning, and exploring, though sometimes we’d hit ‘pause’, you’re way too much fun with life on ‘fast-forward’. Love you lots, buddy.