Months Thirteen and Fourteen

October 24, 2016


Just over a year old. We turn around, and you’re growing so fast. Of course, we literally turn around right now and you’re halfway up the staircase, so maybe it’s just that we’re trying to get you to age three right now. As it was with Seth, so it shall be with you. You’ve gone vertical as well, and are just trying to climb up on and into everything.

We just love your happy little spirit and infections smiles. Clapping and cheering for yourself along with us as you score small victories, like a new food to eat, or walking a few steps. And oh, the walking. It’s coming in a hurry now. You’re toddling along, a few steps every which way. Cruising around the furniture and the railings, and wandering out into the middle of the room, and just standing there for a moment that seems frozen in time, until you flop down and race off on all-fours again.

You have the most amazing spirit, and just want to be friends with everyone. Each day brings cuddles for Mommy and Daddy, cuddles and hugs for Molly, and lots of smiles, laughs, and squeals for your brother, who seems to think now that you’re one, you’re ready to wrestle. Fortunately, you’re a fan of that, most of the time. By the time you’re running around, I think it’s going to take a 2×4 to the leg to even phase you.

Turning one has also brought a fascination with books. You will sit for long times just by yourself with your books. Having pulled all of the off the shelf, you will sit and page through them one at a time. Bringing one over to Mommy or me with a request of “read! diss!” brings a huge smile to your face when we accept the book. Each night, you can’t go to sleep now without reading at least two books, generally including Goodnight Moon. Even Seth is into this now, and can’t wait to run in to snuggle with you and Mommy to read your books at night.

Random words are popping out among all your babbling, including “all done” (which you so informed the doctor), “itsy bitsy”, “hat”, and even “love you”. You are just as vocal as the exact opposite of a combination of your quiet parents.

These months have brought lots of new activities. September brought beautiful weather and kayaking for the first time. it also brought a visit with your cousins and lots of fun in the pool.

All three of us love you so very much, and it’s a blessing to see your smiling face every day. It’s also a blessing to see you and your brother bond. He loves you so very much, from picking you up as you toddle and learn to walk, to knowing which food you can eat and bringing you snacks. And you love him just as much, smiling and laughing at him each and every day. Keep learning to be you.


Daddy and Mommy