Crawling Ahead

August 15, 2012

Seth is already crawling away. He’s going to be an explorer of the first order, as evidenced by the multiple baby gate purchases we’ve made over the last little while. Not a lamp is plugged in in the house, nor is almost anything else with an electrical cord.

It’s a bittersweet time for us. With Seth crawling, he’s no longer the cuddly little baby we knew who was happy to sleep in our arms. His little world expands every day, and he can’t wait to get out of his crib to explore. Doubtless that will continue as he walks, runs, and someday drives away. Still, there will always be that piece of us that remembers him as a tiny little bundle, cuddled in our arms.

It’s also bittersweet because we’ll be “crawling away” as a family for a time. We’re going to move out to San Diego for 18 months or so to pursue an opportunity for work. We’ll be back in the Springs after that. We’re looking forward to living in sunny SoCal, but we’ll miss the family and friends here in town. The saying goes that the only constant is change. It’s a good opportunity for our family, but we certainly will miss home.

As with Seth, our horizons will expand also. Certainly, the Lord has His plans for each of us, and His grace abounds. Life is all the adventure we need, whether just crawling to the other side of the room or flying to the other side of the country.