Twenty-One Months

July 07, 2013


You’re no longer a baby this month. It’s been coming, but you are such a little boy now! Fully an independent little toddler, you’re running around, climbing, playing, talking, handling toys, thinking thoughts, and communicating with us. We miss baby Seth, but we’re having a wonderful time with you now. Each day brings new learning and new fun. When asked where we live, the answer is always “San Guiego!”

Your cousins, Nana and Papa, and aunt and uncle came to visit this month, so you got to do all kinds of activities. Two times to Sea World, and you are ready to go back. You couldn’t stop saying that the dolphins “jump out of water!” However, the whole point of Sea World is the sea animals, so anything in the shows that doesn’t involve the animals (e.g. acrobats or divers) was quickly met with a “come back,” requesting that the dolphins come back out to play. We also went with the cousins to the aquarium for more time with the sea animals. You wandered away from us and circled the entire exhibit hall all by yourself while Mommy and Daddy followed out of sight. Not sure if it’s good or bad that you didn’t have the slightest hesitation that we weren’t there. Of course, you headed right back to where we left you when you were all done. You’re a clever little boy!

We also went to Legoland with the family. I think that’s as much for Daddy as for you. You’re not quite old enough to appreciate legos yet, but don’t worry, Daddy will appreciate them for you. It looks very much like you will be all about Lego when the time comes. Despite being scared of the Lego figure costumes, you enjoyed the cars, a boat ride with everyone, and a full day of running about the park with your cousins. And no, unfortunately, you can’t fly the full size X-Wing when you grow up…unless you design and build your own.

This month brought Spanish class, which you took to with all the gusto you’ve show to learn English words. We’re daily informed that “mano means hand,” counting in Spanish, and colors. When asked what your favorite word is, you spread your arms out wide and growl in the deepest voice you can muster, “GRANDE!”

You continue to observe and engage with the world around you. If someone left the room (Mommy), you would notice and begin to look for them, “Mommy?”. A “Mommy will be right back” would swiftly reassure you. After a few days of that, you now say “right back!” or “Mommy right back!” whenever someone leaves the room, reassuring yourself that we’ll be coming back as soon as possible. And it’s true, it’s difficult to leave, it’s much more fun to spend time with you.

As with every month, so many other things happen. We try to capture and remember as much as possible, but each day is a whirlwind with you. It’s amazing how you seem to have more energy than any two adults in the same household (or four, when Nana and Papa are visiting). Still, each day is a little box of wonders that we get to experience as a family. Keep on growing and learning, and being excited about the world around you.