Months Seven and Eight

April 23, 2016


It’s easy to remember that most things that you do are “firsts” for you, as you’ve done everything from swimming to trying all sorts of food, to your first trip to the ER these past two months. Growing up brings all sorts of food experiences. Though, I can’t say that you’re really taking to most of the foods just yet. Rice cereal brought on some amazing faces, and some pretty amazing gastrointestinal consequences later, so we might have to put some of those things on hold for a little while.

You’re getting more teeth this month, and starting to mimic the sounds you hear around you. One of your nicknames is “Mommy’s Little Velociraptor”, the details of which I leave to the imagination. You’re tracking sounds, too, including tracking planes as they fly over the house. It’s so easy to forget how your little mind and senses develop over time, alongside your motor skills and speech.

We passed around a nice cold this month, so you ended up in the ER for a little while. Lots of fun for Mommy, fortunately nothing was wrong. As with your older brother, I don’t suspect that will be anywhere near your last visit to the ER or the urgent care.

You got to swim with Daddy and Seth for the first time, and you loved it. We all had fun in the water together, which was more than to be expected given how much you love bath time.

You love seeing your Daddy on FaceTime, and get a big smile every time you hear the sound of it dialing and connecting. It’s so cute to see you reaching for the iPad, even though you regularly hang up on Daddy when you do it.

You certainly have your own little mind, and certainly let everyone around you know when you don’t get your way. For better or worse, you’ll get to learn that’s not quite how the world works, but it’s pretty funny to watch.

It’s only a matter of days before you’re going to start crawling and free yourself of the bonds of simply rolling about the floor. With your knees up and strength up, soon you too shall challenge your parents to keep up with you. No doubt the house will be a terribly risky place in the days to come.

It’s a beautiful thing to see you and your brother play together now. You just light up when he comes into the room, and you can’t stop watching him move around the room. Seth likes to read you books and bring you toys to play with on the floor together. Now that you can sit up, you just sit together on the floor and play and play. You can’t stand it when Seth is unhappy, and he tries just as hard to make sure that you are happy as well. It’s such a pleasure to see the relationship between the two of you flourish. In every way we hope that you grow close as friends and brothers as you grow up.


Daddy and Mommy