Months Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four

July 01, 2018


Each day brings clearer words and more interaction. From activities to bedtimes to even consequences, we are just having a wonderful time being your parents. Each situation brings little joys as you explore and expand the world around you. No matter what we’re doing, it’s almost impossible not to smile at you as your little voice and bouncing little steps (or run) communicate your joy for everything in life.

Even getting into trouble is almost irresistibly cute. You lost your milk at the table as a consequence. You looked at Mommy and said “Don’t DO that!” It’s very hard to keep a straight face when we need to.

Mommy: “Finish your dinner, you can take off your shirt and have a slice of watermelon outside on the patio.” You: Jams down the last few bites of dinner, throws fork on the table, and starts yanking at your shirt, “Shirt off! Shirt off!”

You and Seth were jumping off the couch onto the cushions that you’d moved to the floor. After a particularly acrobatic leap off the couch, the whole cushion you landed on rolled over with you on top. We heard a thump as you landed squarely on the floor, followed by a moment of silence, then a muffled “I OK!” from beneath the pile. This is now the refrain we hear on a regular basis as you follow your brother into and out of almost any activity, or just trip over your own growing feet. This is often preceded by a cheery “Watch this!”

Bedtime in the crib has now extended out to a hour or longer process. Not for Mommy and Daddy, we read to you and tuck you in, but once we’re gone, it’s game on for at least 45 minutes of climbing around the crib, singing songs to yourself, shouting at the top of your lungs, and working your way up on the rails. One night, you started bawling over the monitor, so I came in to find that you’d gotten your head stuck inside your pillowcase along with the pillow. Alternatively, we get the rundown on the plan for the next day. “Noah wake up, take brudder school, come home, get ready!” “Yes?” “Go park! Me and Mommy go park! Take dump truck! Take sand toys! Play sandbox!”

As much as you happily bounce around the crib before going to sleep, we can, fortunately, stall you in there when you wake up with a crate of books and a small lamp. If we really need to take an extra 20 minutes, that pile of books will keep you happy. Fortunately, even as you get older, if there’s one thing we have a lot of in this house, it’s books to read.

When reading books, if there’s a big animal and small animal, no matter the story, it’s either “Mommy and Noah!” or “Daddy and Noah!” depending on who’s reading the book. If there’s another medium-sized animal around, that one gets to be “Seth!”.

We get almost constant “Whatcha doing, Daddy?” or “Whatcha doing, Mommy?” From downstairs to upstairs, from the back seat of the car, from your playroom, even as we’re changing your diaper, you have to know what’s going on. We also get regularly asked “How big are dinosaurs?”

Any time you want to be involved in something, do something, or otherwise, we get “Me me me!” “Should we go for a walk to the park?” “Me me me!” “Should we have apple juice?” “Me me me!” And so on.

You absolutely love to sing with Mommy during bedtime snuggles, and echo along with Mommy as she sings I Love You Lord, or He’s Got the Whole World, or even Twinkle Twinkle. Nothing’s more precious than listening to you sing together with Mommy from your rocking chair. You also enjoy singing along to the Ramones in the car, specifically requesting “Daddy, Hey Ho Let’s Go!” or requesting that Mommy play “Oink”, which is how you refer to the Katy Perry song “Roar”.

You are so ready to go to preschool. “Tomorrow is Seth’s last day of school for the year.” “Daddy! Preschool? Me Me! Daddy go work, take me to preschool?” Of course, that’s going to require that you be potty trained. So, we asked if you’d be interested, and you were on board with it. So, on April 30th, Mommy started potty training. That evening, after 6 new pairs of underwear, Daddy took over while Mommy went out. After 3 more pairs of underwear, Mommy and Daddy agreed to stop potty training until you’re just a little bit more ready.

Without a doubt, we love to hear you and your brother playing together, too. Seth does a great job being an older brother, and the two of you generally don’t try too hard to push each other’s buttons. Seth tries to take good care of you most of the time, and you like to return the concern. From the basement, we heard the following: Seth: “Noah, I know you’re stinky!” Noah: “Not!” “I know you are!” “Not!” “Go upstairs!” “No” “Ok, then I’ll carry you up!” “Heavy, brother!”

Time is moving so quickly, it seems. You’re growing every day, and you’re almost three! Where has the time gone? It seems that just a little while ago you were our small, snuggly bundle. Now you’re a bigger, heavier bundle, but just as snuggly, so that’s ok. We love you very much.

Daddy and Mommy