Month Two

December 10, 2019


To describe you in one word this month would be “mellow”. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate that you are so laid back about everything. No bad situation, from a diaper, to hunger, brings more than a few minutes of crying, easily remedied with a change, feeding, or just a pacifier. The rest of your awake time is marked by smiles and cooing, starting just a few days into the month. Seth put it best when he said “Titus handed out three smiles upstairs! He’s handed out more smiles in the last 12 hours than he ever has!” The boys love to be smiled at, and are perfectly happy to ham it up for you to earn those smiles. This has included falling over things, robot voices, and smiles back to you.

Most days are some slightly varied form of: coo and grab toys on the playmat (if you aren’t being held), fill diaper, fall asleep, nurse, burp, fall asleep, wake up, and repeat. As with your brothers, weeks 4-8 brought much more awake time. You’re bringing those legs into action, scooting yourself around, including right off the blanket in tummy time, and standing in Mommy’s lap.

The week before Thanksgiving brought a special visitor. You got to meet your Grandpa for the first time! You are greatly loved by family and friends alike. The 12 & 14 year old daughters of our friends keep time on each other to the minute to switch off on holding you.

Whew! Three (apparently separate) colds and pink eye. It’s rough having brothers in preschool and elementary. Bring on the immune system! And your second round of shots! What a month. Fortunately, nothing too bad so far.

The boys can’t wait to play with you every day, and each morning or return to the house is an immediate run over to greet you from Seth or Noah. Noah can’t give you enough kisses. Noah is full of fun things to try with you, from those we can allow to those we can’t. “Can I put the rattle on his wrist? (Yes).” “Can I do airplane with him? (NO).” Seth loves to play with you as well, from building a fort around your playmat, to running around on the trampoline with you. Daddy sits with you in his lap in the middle of the trampoline, and Seth has a great time running and bouncing in circles. You follow him with your eyes until the gentle bouncing send you right to sleep.

You’ve grown plenty this month. Your two month appointment has you at almost 12 pounds, and you are the cutest not-as-little-as-you-were guy. We love to see you grow, even though it seems like you are growing too fast. You’ve got the chunky thighs and cheeks and double chin that says “I’m ready to grow even more!"

We are getting ready for Christmas. We decorated the house and tree on Thanksgiving morning, and you put the angel on the tree, with a little bit of help. We’ve been out to look at Christmas lights, and you got to see Santa! What fun. Your first Christmas brings back memories of the first Christmas with each of the other boys, and a wonderful picture of Jesus as a baby coming to earth. It’s so meaningful to celebrate this time with your new life as part of our family. Each and every day with you is a blessing. We all love you so much. (As Noah puts it, “see you later, baby alligator!”)

Daddy and Mommy