Seven Months

May 03, 2012


It’s so exciting that each month brings something new. Pretty quickly now, you’ll be learning and doing new things so often we won’t be able to keep track. Of course, that’s already happening now, so we just have to live in the moment and enjoy each day with you, each hour, and each minute. Every new thing you do is the most enjoyable thing ever, and of course, it’s the first time any parent has EVER enjoyed something so much. Each day God gives us big blessing that are easy to see, but each day right now he gives us little blessings with each thing you do.

You’re talking to “papa” and “nana” when you go to visit, and now you’re telling us that you’re hungry, too. That’s so much fun, and you’ve started in on solid(ish) food. Bananas, sweet potatoes, applesauce, but not so much the carrots. You’ve coined the new applesauce goatee and sweet potato soul patch look. You sit up in the high chair to eat, and you look like such a big boy.

Your new talking begins the amazing period where you can not only understand us, but you begin to communicate back to us. We thought you’d start with sign language like most kids, but I guess you’re much more interested in speaking to us, and making it easy. Soon comes the day when we find you standing up in your crib asking to be fed in complete sentences, or just asking for Daddy at 3AM. You’re exploring all the different, interesting sounds you can make with our mouths, from clicking to squealing to “ah” sounds echoed back at us.

Each day brings new ways that you’re learning you can move. You’ve started rolling over and moving, and even pulling yourself up. For the first time, you pulled yourself up on the ottoman. You grab onto our hands whenever you can to stand up, and you get the proudest look on his face with the biggest smile that says “look at me!”. The only downside to this is that you’ve been between diaper sizes, and all the moving means a lot of class-1 breaches in the diaper, which results in plenty of Oxyclean laundry loads. It’s amazing that we pretty much don’t mind anything “yuck-yuck” when it comes to you.

Finally, you started the swings at the park. On top of the swinging back and forth in our arms, you’re definitely going to be an adrenaline junkie. Can’t wait until you start walking, because that likely means that you’ll be jumping off the furniture. We’ll have to move you out of a crib an onto a mattress on the floor so you have less distance to fall. Until then, you’ve started rolling over to sleep on your tummy, which turns out to be the cutest thing ever.

The best part of my day is when you wake back up 30 minutes after eating at bedtime and going down with Mommy. I come in to rock and cuddle you for just a few minutes, and you go to sleep for most of the rest of the night. It’s as if you just have to make sure that we’re both at home and here for you. A close second is when you started playing peekaboo by yourself with a blanket. We love you so much, and can’t wait to watch you grow and keep learning.