Month Seven

May 13, 2020


Man, things are getting crazy at this house! You are on the move, going from rolling all over the place, to getting up on those hands and knees, to the army crawl/scoot. Nights in the crib involve lots of rocking practice on your hands and knees, while you figure out just exactly how to move those four extremities together for maximum effect. The last week or so has also brought little hops to your hands and knees, and some individual knee work. You’ve also got the sit-to-knees transition worked out, along with just sitting in place to play with toys without immediately falling over backwards.

We all spent a good Saturday afternoon cleaning up the main level of the house and removing all the little pieces, parts, bits, bobs, and parts that accumulate when you have four and eight-year-old boys with toys. Of course, you made a beeline for Daddy’s laptop cable anyway. Despite you being number three to learn to crawl in our family, it’s so much fun to watch your process. You’re quite the roller, as well. For the longest time, you’ve been frustrated by rolling over against the support of the playmat. However, between your core strength and 17 pounds of solid Witmer, you figured out that you can roll the playmat over with you. We also found you rolling over to the shelf to reach for the boxes and bins, just like your brothers did.

The boys love you more each day as you start to move and crawl. They put out toys and watch you excitedly work your way over to them, celebrating those little victories with you. As I write this, they are surrounding you on the floor, playing and laughing together. Noah always makes sure to bring your a toy, your wubbie, or a blanket. Seth now snuggles with you in the rocking chair at night and reads you bedtime stories. Seth and Noah are the big brothers you will always be thankful to have. (Even when Noah is roaring at you – that surprised you for a while, but now it generates smiles.)

The coronavirus pandemic and associated society shutdown has increased our family time together, which has generally been a great thing. We’re taking walks every day, and you love to ride along with Mommy or Daddy in the ergo. Hour or more walks means lots of time snuggled into Daddy or Mommy sleeping while your brothers run and play in the green space and woods along the trails. You’re bound and determined to get moving so you can join them as soon as possible.

We’re up to three teeth now. That third tooth was in and out for a little while, but it’s there, and you’re on a roll. We’re all in on eating all sorts of food. Bananas are currently your favorite. You like nothing more than to grab a big piece of banana and attempt to take bites out of it yourself (under close supervision). We’ve coined the term “first bite face” for the first spoonful of anything, as you adjust to the flavor, no matter if you’ve had it before. You recognize your bowl and spoon, and get so excited when we bring it to the table for you, rocking back and forth in the high chair. You’ve yet to show a more betrayed expression than when Daddy brought the bowl of food and spoon over to the high chair, set it down, and then WALKED AWAY to go get the rest of dinner.

With more food has come the beginnings of signs. You’re pretty clear on “more” and “milk”, accompanying those with “MO” “MO” to make it quite clear that you’re growing, hungry, and the most important mouth at the table. We have lots of other babbling, as well. You’re ready and excited to contribute to the overall noise floor in our environment, with babbles and squeals of happiness.

We’re learning that we don’t need to eat at 2 or 3 AM in the morning. Instead, while you figure out that Mommy’s not going to feed you, you’ve been using the time for skill work in your crib. From finding your wubbie and putting it in and out of your mouth, to getting up on those knees and rocking, it’s a good time to practice. Fortunately, you’re also practiced at going back to sleep on your own.

We get to see the world through your eyes as your awareness of what’s going on around you increases each day. You’re a very observant little boy already, checking out and keeping track of all that’s going on around you. You were really looking for Mommy as she was playing peekaboo, ducking behind Daddy’s back. Each time Mommy disappeared, you craned your little neck to try and look over Daddy’s shoulders to see where she went!

Many of our walks revolve around discussions and questions that each person in the family answers. A recent question was “if you created a planet, what would it be?” After we each answered, Noah asked, “What about Titus?” Seth quickly answered, "His planet would be called Mommy, because Mommy’s his whole world right now”.

This month brought your first celebration of Easter. Coronavirus meant that we celebrated together from home as a family. Each of our boys has made it that much more special to celebrate new life in Christ, as we see our faith new through the eyes of little children.

We love you to the moon and back,

Daddy and Mommy