Ten Months

August 04, 2012


July is officially mimic month. You’re saying the things we say, signing back to us, and mimicking the sounds your toys make. It’s been so much fun as you interact with us more and more. Each and every day brings new ways that you steal our hearts with your smiles, actions, and sounds. You’re starting to recognize the alphabet, from saying “A, B” as you play with your wood puzzle, to filling in the “W” as we say the alphabet to you.

You’ve certainly got your favorite books, too. We’ll read through the Cool of the Pool, you’ll fill in the “splash”, and when we close the book, you flip it over to go again. Alternately, if you don’t like the book, you’re immediately trying to close the book and climb down. You’ve got a little personality, and we love watching it emerge.

Crawling is king. Everywhere, and getting everything below the level of three feet. You can pull up on anything, and you are so proud of yourself when you do. You find the washer fascinating, just watching the clothes go round and round. The dogs have realized that you’re here, since you’re throwing the ball for them and chasing them down to take it back. You point to things you want to see and want to know about, which is, of course, everything you can see. You even got to go swimming for the first time! You took to the water like a fish, and we’re looking forward to living in San Diego, with pool and beach access.

It’s still been a lot of travel lately, but you’re getting used to Skype now. This month you blew me a kiss over Skype to say goodbye. I love you more than you will probably grasp, little man. As your little personality emerges, it continues to amaze and change our lives. We get to look forward to teaching you about the world, satisfying your curiosity, and tempering your fearlessness and stubborness with common sense. It’s already the most rewarding responsibility we’ve ever had. We wouldn’t trade it for the world, even when you’re up at 3AM because you have a pair of new teeth on the way. God’s blessed us greatly with you, Seth. We love you so very much.

Daddy and Mommy