Painting a Place in Our Hearts

August 02, 2011

We’ve spent quite a bit of time over the past couple months setting things up in the nursery, painting, buying furniture, and everything else that goes into creating a place in our house for this new little one. He’s coming slowly, but faster than we know, and he’ll create quite a stir in the house no matter how much preparation we do for him. Each brushstroke of paint on the wall, each trip to pick out furniture, the time assembling the crib and rocker, hanging pictures on the wall, all that represents the excitement growing for Seth’s arrival.

At the same time we’re creating a physical space in our house for him, we’re also creating a space in our hearts and our lives for him. As it’s just been the two of us in a wonderful marriage, we’ll similarly have to adjust that for Seth’s sake. Of course, the wonderful thing about love is that where it prospers, it grows. The love in our family of two will just multiply to our family of three (plus the dogs, and they get plenty of love, too). Without a doubt, we can’t wait for Seth. Setting up the house is just a little foreshadowing of all the changes to come. It’s going to be exciting and wonderful.