Thirty Months

April 18, 2014


As has become your most-used saying this month referencing almost anything, “This is our favorite month!” Considering how you now refer to the latest toy, food, or anything else as “your favorite” and that you “love this!” Doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, it’s your new favorite. Of course, it’s a fickle love. You chose a set of rubber stamps off the shelf when asked to pick one. You informed us that the set you chose were your “favorite”, and your “best friend.” 30 seconds later you had moved on. Ah, well. It’s ok not to commit just yet. You’ll find true love one day. It’s a little too soon, I think.

You decided to give up naps for Lent. That’s certainly brought the adjustments for us. At least you still spend an hour or two in your room being relatively quite. Relatively. That results in many evenings where you’re quite wiped out, though.
“You look exhausted, Seth.”
“Do you know what exhausted means?”
“Tired.” (Start prepping for the SAT at 2. That’s apparently how we roll.)

You’ve begun picking up on the scientific method this month. You’re constantly asking to do new experiments, and asking, “can we try it an see what happens?” or “can we do an experiment in the bathtub?” Almost all of your science revolves around your fascination with water. Still, curiosity is a wonderful thing, as you wake up in the morning, “Mommy, can we do something new today?”

Other little highlights:

  • “Can I do a meeting with you, Daddy? I want to get it ready for you!” as you try to push the buttons on my computer.
  • “Are you my snugglebug?”..“No, I’m Seth!” A few moments later, “Can I be your snuggleSeth?” Always. The answer is always.
  • You came flying in our bedroom door, tripping as you tried to close it, and then spun on your bottom to kick the door shut. I could have sworn it was an Aliens movie. All I need to do is teach you to say, “They mostly come out at night…mostly.”
  • “Did you go to Spanish class?” “Yeah!” “What did you learn at Spanish class?” “Different things at Spanish!”
  • “What did you do today, Seth?” “I played and played and played!”
  • Crashing, thumping, rattling sounds from the kitchen as you dumped out all the dishes in your drawers looking for the toy coffee pot. A few moments later, “There it is!”

We put a small reading light on the wall next to your crib to help you calm down and go to sleep more easily at night. You can read books to yourself for a while before you’re fully ready to go to sleep. We rather expected that you’d want us to come back in and tuck you in each night. We didn’t expect to come in after you fall fast asleep, slip the book off your bed, tuck the blanket up, and turn off your light until you were much older. It’s just about the sweetest thing in the world to come into your room and see that you’ve basically collapsed on top of your books with a stuffed animal. Watching Mommy take your books as you stir, turn you around, and tuck you in as you drift back off is about the most wonderful thing so far. No matter what friction and troubles with discipline we might have each day, nothing at all compares to tucking you in at night, before or after you’ve gone to sleep. I was putting you down to sleep a few weeks ago and rubbing your back as you looked up at me. I had the thought, “how in the world do I have a son? I have no idea whatsoever what I’m doing here!” and yet…here we are anyway. It’s a good thing that your mommy and daddy both had wonderful parents who set such a great example on how to be good parents.