Months Eleven and Twelve

August 22, 2016


It’s really quite amazing that you’re one today. Just two short months has brought so many words and so many new things. Even just looking back through the list of things we write down each day as you grow brings back so many memories.

Whew, you have gone from zero to sixty with no pause in between. The world is an amazing place for you to explore and go through like a whirlwind. If it was on the shelf before, it won’t be after you’ve passed through the room.

Little words and big mimicking happen every day. Almost every day means a new word or a new gesture. From “no” to “yes” to “more” to “brother”, “Papa”, and “up!” Each time you see one of the three of us walk into a room, you light up with the most precious smile. I look forward to coming home from work each afternoon to see you race toward me as fast as you can, echoing, “Da! Da! Da!” as you break into a huge grin and throw up your arms to be lifted up.

In turn, you recognize a large vocabulary of words, from the expected like “peekaboo!” to putting things on your head when you hear “hat”. Each time we say “goodnight” or “time for bed”, you give air kisses. We can’t resist kissing each other in front of you, as each time we do brings more air kisses from you as well.

Each day brings you closer to walking. You’re cruising around everything, and so proud of yourself, to boot! We can’t wait to see you walk, but don’t mind watching the joy you have as you crawl around, over, through, and under everything in the meantime, including over Molly, with lots of snuggles for her on the way by.

You and your brother are inseparable more than ever this month. You can’t get enough of watching him, laughing at his antics on the scooter, being pulled around on boxes and blankets, and just enjoying your brother. Seth can’t get enough of you, from luring you into his room to play, to watching out for all the details to make sure that you’re safe and not going to put something small and dangerous in your mouth.

Our move to Omaha has brought lots of new experiences, too. The first time for you at a zoo brought much fascination with the animals. Your first set of ear protectors made for stylish accoutrements at the air show, and our new house has the patio space so you can share a water table and toys with your brother. The fourth of July brought plenty of fireworks, though I think you were more interested in your bottle at that time of night.

And last but not least, we had the pleasure of celebrating your birthday with family and friends. It’s been a year of upheaval for the family, but it’s been so wonderful to have you in our lives each and every day, bringing your joy and infectious personality to every situation.

Each day brings snuggles and kisses as we cherish each day as you bridge this time between baby and toddler. Know that we can’t wait to see you grow, learn, and develop, but we wouldn’t mind pushing pause on the world for just a little longer snuggling you in the rocking chair at night as you sigh and drift off to sleep, our precious little bundle just curled up in our arms. We love you and thank God for the blessing that is you.


Daddy and Mommy