Thirty-Five and Thirty-Six Months

October 19, 2014


It seems like just yesterday we were bringing home a tiny little package from the hospital, with no instruction manual and no idea how to do more than keep you alive and fed, and now you’ve just turned three! (ed: yes, yes, I know it’s mid-October) Some things haven’t changed (still no instruction manual), but others certainly have. We now find ourselves in daily rhetorical battles of an arcane nature, as you fire barrage after barrage of “why” questions broadside. I’d have to poll our friends to know if it’s normal to regularly having to resort to “because that’s how physics works” with your three-year old. “That’s right Seth, the derivative of the velocity is the acceleration.” You heard it here first.

That said, you certainly don’t miss a thing we say. We only really tell you something once, and you remember pretty much forever. We went with a space-theme birthday party this year, and you immediately pointed to the Sun and informed Joanna, “Mommy, that’s the sun. It’s a big hot ball of gas.”

These months still bring many firsts and new things, including lots of fun had by all. You managed your first bloody nose, self-inflicted falling onto a toy. Certainly not the last, I’m sure. Not yet your first self-inflicted trip to the ER, but I have high expectations. You managed to write your name all by yourself, one letter at a time. Your handwriting will definitely improve over time (assuming you don’t take after your daddy), but we’ll cherish that picture for a long time.

This month brought an unexpected trip to Colorado and visits from all the grandparents and Aunt Caroline. Lots of fun was had by all, and it was great to show everyone around again. I think not that pretty much everyone has visited, it must be time to move back home! We also got to take our first trip to Disneyland. An overwhelming level of lights and noises, but you had fun on the outdoor, quiet rides.

Lots more fun from your mind as you grow, learn, and soak up everything around you:

  • “I can’t keep my eyes closed for that long! It’s too hard.”
  • Waking up in the middle of the night, when asked what’s wrong, “I don’t like everything!”
  • Running up to me, slapping me in the leg, “Handprint!”
  • “You get down here Mr. Kitten Britches, said Momma Junebug Jones!” – certainly not the first time you’ve quoted a book to us, and definitely not the last.
  • “You can’t come in here. This is only for boys!” “What am I?” "You’re a Daddy.”
  • “Daddy, I’m going to freak out when you turn on the shower head!”
  • “This is a nice ball! I’ve never seen this ball before! Was someone nice and left it in the window for us?” – Upon finding a ball that’s been in the window for a couple of months.
  • “If I open my door, they can open their door and I can go into their car!” When told he needed to stop playing with the door handle.
  • “I want to touch the grasshopper…I don’t want to touch it. Mommy, will you touch it?”
  • “Daddy, can we get a little dog?” “Why so you want a little dog?” "So we can take it on the airplane!”
  • “Why are you sitting? Feed me! I’m hungry!”

We’ve seen you grow so much over the past few months, and now you’re three. You’re even praying for a little brother or sister. We’ll see what the future brings, but we hope so, too. I think the monthly posts will slow down now that you’ve turned three. We still wish we could capture every moment in time with you, but we know we can’t. Know that we’ll still cherish each and every moment with you, now and always. We love you so much, not-so-little man.


Daddy and Mommy