Months Five and Six

February 27, 2016


It’s holiday time and time for changes! Rolling over, grabbing toys, teeth coming in , smiling, and laughing. Seth loves you, and you love Seth. The two of you are quite the pair now, playing together.

These months have meant motor control, sitting up, smiles, and lots of time with family. You’ve found your toes and found your voice. Without a doubt, it’s a pleasure to be your parents.

Of course, you’ve also forgotten how to sleep, which is pretty rough on Mommy. Something about the trip to San Diego, and teeth coming in have made it hard to sleep.

We had the pleasure of celebrating Christmas together with all our families. Christmas with a brand new little boy is especially meaningful, just like it was 4 years ago with another little one. Celebrating the birth of the most important baby of all time is made more meaningful by one of the two most important babies in our lives.

Of course, a stronger mental capacity brings more fun for all of us, since it means you’re throwing the occasional tantrum now, including kicking your little legs and crying in the crib. Lots of fun to be had, though it’s down to turning off the sound on the monitor to let you work things out and go to sleep.

It’s amazing how fast you learn to roll and move, from front to back and back to front, and rolling across the floor. Grabbing toys, and everything else that you can do, now that you can move. Pulling off and eating your socks is also an everyday activity.

We tried out food with you this month, with mixed results. I’m not going to lie, I don’t think rice cereal looks all that appealing either, but you can’t have steak yet, so what can we do?

You are seemingly growing so fast and developing quite the little personality. We have the great privilege of being your parents, and love you very much!

Daddy and Mommy