Month Six

April 11, 2020


And with that, you’re half a year old. We’re half a year into playing a zone defense, which looks like it’s about to get a lot more complicated. You’re up on hands and knees (barely), rocking a little, trying to army crawl, rolling over, and generally trying to get moving. It looks like this next month will require locking down the house again. With two older brothers who love Lego, you’re just not ever going to be allowed on the floor near their bedrooms. We no longer find you on your back, ever. Any time we put you down, you’ve flipped right to your tummy, and raised up on your hands to look around. Occasionally, the middle of the night is a time for an hour or more of scooting around your crib, pulling those knees in, and other general “getting ready to crawl” workout time.

With all that trying to move, you’ve got that core strength to hold up your head and body locked in now. That means we have lots more options, from the bouncy seat, to exersaucer, to riding in the jogging stroller. Right at the beginning of the month, you realized that you had toes, and proceeded to grab them at all opportunities. Consequently, you also started helping with your diaper changes, pulling those toes and bottom up to get the diaper off and back on again.


Fun food experimentation has expanded from applesauce to mangoes, pears, sweet potatoes, and bananas. Tried out apple slices and cut up banana, but those were more exercises in confusion, running things into your nose, and painting your high chair tray than eating. We also tried out some apple juice. Via bottle, refused, tiny cup or sippy cup? Yes, please. The sign for more has been at least partially established, and you like nothing better than to grab that spoonful of food with both hands to “help”, which normally means that all that food ends up on your face and bib instead. Also, you have to let Mommy have the spoon back to get more food, which is a lot of reasoning right now. Nothing gets you more excited than a banana, bringing bouncing and squealing and reaching. The boys love to watch you figure out food.

You found your voice this month, so you could keep up with the general noise level generated by your brothers. From squealing all month, to really starting to babble by early April, you’ve found that we all enjoy your excited squeals. Watching a Pixar movie with the family, you started squealing along with the music. When you wake up in your crib, it’s always time to flip right onto your tummy, raise your head up, and happily squeal until someone comes for you. Food, Mommy, Daddy, your brothers, walks, and pretty much anything that catches your eye can elicit a joyful squeal, which just makes everyone’s day a little brighter.

Those eyes are hard at work this month, tracking everyone and everything around you. As the boys run around, and play, you love to watch them and all that they do. And where those eyes go, those hands go, now. Reaching out for everything, grabbing and playing with all your toys, and it’s extended to everything else that comes into range. Talking with Daddy on FaceTime? I’ll take that phone. Daddy’s drinking coffee? I’m going for that mug handle. Even with all the new things in the world, your favorite thing to hold is still Mommy’s hair while you nurse. You quite realize where Mommy keeps the milk, and have taken to trying to grab and move her shirt when you’re hungry.

Your first two teeth are in! It’s time to bite, so the baby shark outfit seemed only appropriate for a picture. You’re ready to use those things as a force for good. Still, you should probably lay off of Mommy.

Your brothers are still loving having a baby brother in the house to love. No one gets you laughing like Seth, and Noah would love nothing more to snuggle you all the time. From cuddling, to toys and playing, to keeping an eye on you, you’ve got two great big brothers to keep an eye on you. They can’t wait for each new thing that you do, and enjoy them as much as we do.

This month brought a big change, with a worldwide self-quarantine order that’s pretty much put life for everyone else on hold. Not a big change for you, other than the fact that Daddy’s home more, but your brothers are doing school at home, and we haven’t seen any friends for a while now. Fortunately, you’re pretty laid back, so you’re not demanding too much. You’re happy to hang out on your playmat or in your chair to chew on a toy and watch the world go by. We all go on a walk almost every afternoon, and you just ride happily along on Mommy or Daddy’s chest, watching your brothers run and play, and enjoying he beautiful weather.

Titus, we cherish the joy that you show every day, always with a smile for everyone you see, even in the middle of hungry or tired fussing. We love to spend each day with you, and we pray that you keep that joy as you get older. Keep on growing, as we get ready to try and keep up with you.


Daddy and Mommy