Months Thirty-One and Thirty-Two

April 29, 2018


The last two months have seen you bringing forward longer term thinking, planning, and figuring. Each day brings us opportunities to watch you realize that the world is bigger than the room you’re in right now, and you can track things beyond a 10 minute time horizon now. It’s a pleasure to see your mind developing and learning. You are day to day planning, with strings of questions each night before bed now. You know each day that it’s “brother school?”, that you’ll get up and drop off Seth at school. After a four-day holiday weekend with Daddy home: “Brother school?” “Yes, brother going to school.” “Daddy school?” “No, Daddy has to go to work.” “No Daddy work!”

We got the opportunity to go back to Colorado over Seth’s Spring Break, to see family and friends. You figured out about 10 days beforehand that we were going. This then spawned almost hourly exchanges. “Colorado?” “Yes, we’re going to Colorado, but not for a few more days.” Pause. “Nana and Papa?” “Yes, we’ll see Nana and Papa.” Pause. “Grandpa and Grandma?” “Yes, we’ll see them too.” Pause. He then started to be very concerned about Molly, making sure time and again that she would be coming with us in the car. “Molly in car too?” “Yes, Molly will be in the car, too.” Pause, and then return to playing. And then the same set of questions again a few hours later. We’re not planning to be back in Colorado until sometime this summer, but we’re still getting questions on occasion.

The inevitable trip to the emergency room is probably in your near future. You’re following in the footsteps of your brother and your Daddy, growing progressively more adventurous. Climbing up the shelves inside the pantry to get to the box of granola (which you’re allergic too, and you know it will hurt your tummy). When asked, you promptly and happily informed us that you “Climbed up!” I’m getting used to hearing “watch this, Daddy!” Alternately, we’re also getting used to hearing “Halp!”, which is your plaintive plea when you need help with a package, or possibly when you get stuck behind the couch cushion when climbing around. Either way, I think you’re constantly healing from a bruise somewhere on your forehead.

We all got to watch Star Wars for the first time (Ep. 4-6, naturally. We’re good parents). You’re not a big fan of Darth Vader, but loves to see R2-D2, who gets announced loudly every time he appears on the screen. The trip to Colorado brought another opportunity to watch Star Wars in the car. Seth, clearly being raised correctly, chose to re-watch Empire. You and your brother were glued to the screen for a good 2 hours. Glad to see you’re appreciating the classics already.

Along with the long term thinking, each day brings more detailed play. From complex train tracks, to playing golf and other games with your brother, each day sees you finding new and exciting ways to use your toys. We found an entire row of trains lined up one after the other in the playroom blinds one afternoon. That was quite a project, I think.

Lots of counting and singing! Ever since you watched the Falcon Heavy countdown last month, you’re been a big fan of count and then “blast off!” That count might be 1-2-3, but it’s more likely 1-10 or even up through to 20 and more. When it comes to singing, you’re very musical. You love to have us sing anything at bedtime from Jesus Loves Me to Head and Shoulders. We also hear you singing these songs, or the ABCs to yourself over the monitor when you’re supposed to be going to sleep. When focused on a toy boat in the bathtub, you quietly began singing “Row Row Row Your Boat” as you played.

Other vignettes from this month:

  • Mommy pulled out the vinegar and baking soda to clean the sink. You piped up, “Let’s do Science!”
  • When Daddy comes in to check your diaper and change you an hour after bedtime, you flash me your cute smile and say “Rock minute, Daddy?” while pointing to the rocking chair.
  • Circling the whole backyard fence line with your mower. “Did you mow the whole yard?” “Yeah!"
  • “Noah, why are you growling at me?” “I’m a lion!…And a tiger!"
  • We are regularly handed a piece of paper and a crayon, accompanied by “N…O…A…H!” You are a big fan of seeing your name written.
  • We had talked earlier in the day about going swimming after nap. Daddy woke you up from your nap. “Ready to go swimming?” “No swimming….go zoo?” “You want to go to the zoo?” “Yeah” “It’s too cold for the zoo” “Ok. Go swimming.”
  • When taking a bath, you want to get the shampoo yourself, and then you do a quick run through your hair, your toes, and you’re ready to rinse. Just the important spots!

We enjoy each and every day with you, torn between wanting you to stay just like you are and seeing all the ways that you grow and learn each day. We love you all the way to the moon and back.

Daddy and Mommy