Three Months

January 04, 2012


I suspect this will be the case every month, but this month brought many changes. Your mom and I marvel at how much you’re learning each day. Even when you’re crying in your crib, you still squirm and smile when we come into the room. You give us big smiles all the time, especially on the caning table, which we both cherish. You bring so much joy to your Mom. It’s a joy to me to watch her eyes light up when she holds you, looks at you, and talks about you. She’s found one of her God-given talents in being a Mom.

This month brought you first tries at laughing and squealing. Nothing compares to the sound of a happy child, especially when it’s your son.

Like all the other ways you want to be independent, you reached up and grabbed onto your bottle and held it when I took away my hands. Pretty soon you’ll be asking for my keys.

We had the joy of celebrating your first Christmas with you. Having our own dear, sweet, vulnerable child in our arms brings the Christmas story into much sharper focus. Jesus gave up all to come to the Earth just as you were, a baby. It seems that being a parent will bring deeper understanding to so many of the stories in the Bible.

I suspect I will be writing this every month, too, but we love you more than ever. We cherish each day with you as a small baby, and we can’t wait to see what each day brings. It’s sad to see you grow so fast, since you’re so cute, but it’s fun to see you grow, too.

Dad and Mom