Month Four

February 10, 2020


This month you are in such a hurry to catch up to your brothers. Having just barely reached four months of age, you have grown out of all of your 3-6 and 6 month clothes, and are rapidly working your way through the 6-9 month outfits. (For the record, you’re as big as both your brothers were at 6 months. Everything is a competition in a house full of boys, no matter what we discourage…) Fortunately for your college fund, the winter clothes are on clearance now, since all our 9 month clothes are for the summer. You are all double chin and chunky thighs, and so very, very cute. We’re so glad to be your parents!

Interaction with everyone around you has been the goal of your entire existence this month. From joining us at the table in the high chair, to giggling at seemingly everything your brothers do, you are awake and aware of everything going on around you. This also extends to your fussing on a regular basis. If you’re not too unhappy, you’re quite analytical about that fussing. Fuss, check to see if you’re getting the desired response, fuss some more, rinse, repeat. Still, you’re a very happy baby, so we don’t mind too much. We even still think your chubby-cheeked smile is adorable at 3 AM when you want to play for an hour between feedings.

Each and every thing that goes on around you requires your complete attention. You love to watch your brothers run around the house, jump on the trampoline, and play games. You clearly can’t wait to be big enough to join them in everything. Your fascination with all things around you in church this month garnered your first trip to the church nursery, where they, of course, loved having you. We’re not quite sure if you recognize your name, but we’re getting there. You’re mimicking sounds you hear now, especially “night night”, “love you”, and “mama”. You could definitely win Mommy’s heart with that last one as your first word.

Seth and Noah are both so excited still to be your big brothers, and take every opportunity to make you laugh. Even if they have to work really hard to create that opportunity. Both of them want you to come to put them to bed each night, and Noah has promptly handed off his wubbie to you to snuggle with him, so you both have one. Seth was excited to learn to change diapers, except for “the dirty ones”. Seth did a fantastic job with just some verbal coaching. Noah, naturally, wanted to do it as well, and did a pretty good job with a little help. Mommy and Daddy are all for that enthusiasm to continue. Seth has really taken to his role in the house as the oldest brother, to both you and Noah. It’s really fun to see him maturing as you have grown.

Second to your environment, all the strange extremities connected to you have been your next focus this month. It’s so fun to watch you learn to sit up, lean, adjust, lean, sit, fall over, and try again. Boy, that head of yours is heavy! (Thanks, Dad.) Those hands have been a point of single-minded focus, as you try to get them to do what you want, starting with grabbing your monkey footies. The playmat is a source of endless entertainment, now that you can grab the legs of the toys and rattle them. Grabbing has extended to anything and everything around you, from clothes, to blankets, to burp cloths. We find many the cloth sopping wet from chewing, along with sleeves, wrists, and shoulders. You’re spinning yourself all around on the playmat, scooting around, and kicking the leg to set the toys swinging.

More firsts this month, from bundling up to go out and watch the boys sledding, to your first Super Bowl (go Chiefs!). You’re too big to be the football now, but not quite big enough for tackling. Soon enough, I think. You’ve solidly located your thumb, for good or for bad. Right now, it’s great, as you’ve put yourself back to sleep on a number of occasions in the middle of the night. Long term, we’ll see.

The boys both take their interaction cues from us, which is quite funny to see mirrored back to us. Driving in the car with the whole family, you started fussing in your seat. Pretty soon, from the back of the van, we heard Seth pipe up, “Titus, are you scared of Daddy’s driving?” Thanks, Seth, just you wait until Titus is backseat driving for you in 8 years or so.

It seems that our best metaphor for your whole life right now is the “3..2..1” countdown Mommy gives you as you stand and then crouch on her lap. With a big smile or a giggle, you blast off into the sky and fly as everyone smiles at you. We aren’t quite ready to launch you into the world, but we enjoy watching you grow and learn every day. We’d freeze you for a while if we could, but that’s not how this works, so we’ll just cherish each little milestone.


Daddy and Mommy