Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four Months

August 09, 2014


Another two months have flown by, and you’re just getting bigger and bigger and learning faster and faster. I hope this process isn’t exponential, or you’ll be going to college before we can blink. Missed you a lot in June. It’s difficult to capture the little moments being apart from you almost all month. It’s a blessing to see your little face on Skype, but nothing like seeing you in person. That’s ok, you got to spend almost 6 weeks with Nana & Papa, Grandpa & Grandma, cousins, and aunts and uncles. We even got to meet your brand-new cousin Landon. Spending so much time with your older cousins has resulted in some pretty big jumps in what you try to do now, and more than a little humor (“Mama, can you sword fight?”)

You had a great time with Grandpa & Grandma and then Papa & Nana while we went on our cruise. You were well behaved and had all sorts of fun, but had a total meltdown when we arrived back home. Turns out that emotions are hard. And then Daddy left for another 2.5 weeks to go home to work. Still, I almost always get a cheery, “how was your flight, Daddy?” even when I just drive home from work. I’m just as excited to see you, too, most nights.

Growing up has resulted in a major independent streak. From putting on clothes, to going to the potty, it’s “I’m going to do it myself!” Everything needs to be done yourself, and it’s quite a pleasure to watch to try and learn and grow. We’ve found you in the bathroom sitting on the toilet reading a book, informing us “Go out and shut the door! I’m not done yet!” Problem solving, too.

The world from the backseat of the car has significantly expanded. With your rapid growth, we’ve had to spin the car seat around. As a result, driving (as with most other activities) is now accompanied by a running commentary and lots of why questions. “Mommy, are you stopped at a red light?” “Yes. Why do we stop at a red light?” "So other cars don’t bump into us!”

It seems that everything sticks somewhere in that little head of yours. You had an eye doctor appointment, “Are they going to shine a light in my eyes?” Three days later, you were chasing Molly around the house with your light trying to check her eyes. It’s a good thing we have a forbearing dog. At least you throw her ball now and again.

Lots of other fun activities between Colorado and California this month:

  • Ran off in Kohl’s, found 30 seconds later on the display bed. Fortunately, you’d stopped to take off your shoes, because “You take off your shoes before climbing on the bed!”
  • “I don’t watch fireworks outside. I like to watch them from the car.”
  • “Mommy, can I have a little brother or sister to sit here right beside me?” while patting the seat next to himself in the grocery cart.
  • “I need some work to do. I’m printing out grocery lists” when I found him in the office sitting in the chair with his hands on the keyboard.
  • “I can’t go to sleep unless you’re here, Daddy.” “You have your giraffe here with you.” “ I need you and the giraffe!”
  • First trip on the Poway Midland Railroad. “Thank you for taking me on the train, Daddy!”
  • We attempted the 3D dinosaur movie at the Nat. You made it about 25 seconds with the extremely loud soundtrack and the gratuitous 3D title screens. “Can you take me out? I’m scared."

Lots to see and lots to say, back again another day! You’re so much bigger than you were just a couple months ago, and you learn so fast. Each day with you is a treasure. You’re blessed to have a whole family who loves you, with grandparents and cousins and everyone else. You certainly can’t wait long to see everyone again!