Month Five

March 12, 2020


With our third little baby boy, it seems that everything is coming faster. Your two older brothers who are anxious to play with you are helping that along, to be sure. You interact in new and more fun ways each and every day with us and the world around you. Walking in from work, or Mommy walking in from being away generates a smile that collapses your eyes into your cheeks, with a full-body wiggle to cap it off. You are joy incarnate (most of the time). Keep smiling.

The four month checkup gave us two very important pieces of information. First, you’re growing fast, and have a head just like Daddy and your brothers. Second, you can hold a grudge! The two-month shots definitely left a mark on your poor psyche. The nurse came in just to measure and take vital signs, and you let her know vocally and loudly that you were having none of it. The doctor (who did come to give you shots) got exactly the same reaction. Other examples of you holding a grudge this month include feet to the head, pillows to the head, tickling, and other shenanigans. Perhaps we’ll downgrade you from “grudge” to just swiftly realizing that you are the third boy, and have two rambunctious, energetic older brothers, against whom you will soon have to hold your own. To aid you in that quest, you’ve found your voice this month, and often add to the general mayhem in the house with excited squeals.

Exploring your capabilities is bringing you new and exciting experiences. Rolling over was only a matter of time. Front to back was a quick learn, once you figured out it would get you out of tummy time. Back to front took a little bit longer, but you like spending time on your side, up on that shoulder. It’s always just been a matter of getting that arm out of the way. You will, of course, find in life that many things revolve around getting out of your own way, so it’s good to start the experience now. That back arch and shoulder gets you going. We’re finding you spinning around and moving slowly across the floor, or at least off of the playmat. You’re really working the sitting skill, and working that core strength to support. Before long, you’ll have thrown off the surly bonds of earth. If not that, at least you’ll get to hands and knees.

You could spend whole minutes engaged in detailed inspections of your fingers and toes. Realizing that those five fingers belong to you has you grabbing, holding, and pulling everything you can get your hands on. The first time Seth handed you a spoon, it went right in your mouth. Ready to eat some real (ish) food!

You’re just melting our hearts with the little reaches now. Especially when you’re tired, hungry, and ready to snuggle and eat, Mommy will get a little reach out of the hand from Daddy’s arm. You love Mommy’s peekaboo, too. The only person who gets more giggles out of you than Mommy’s peekaboo is Seth’s playing with you.

A long weekend for the brothers and Daddy meant a quick trip to Colorado to visit the family. All the grandparents, cousins, family and friends you could handle. It meant getting to hang out with your cousin who’s just 6 weeks older than you are. He was trying unsuccessfully at that time to teach you to roll over, it took you a little longer to really catch on.

Your brothers can’t get enough of you either, still. we are enjoying seeing how much they are excited to have you as part of the family. Noah loves to bring you things when you’re fussing, from blanky, to stuffed animals, to your wubby, to try and keep you happy. Whenever you are fussing in the car, or stroller, he’s quick with the “Shhhh, shhhhh”. Both boys still don’t want to go to bed most nights without at least a quick snuggle from you. Noah took a picture of “Titusaurus” to school for “T” day at show and tell.

This month was your first dip in the swimming pool, dipping just the toes. The boys had been encouraging that all month, every time we went swimming. You are definitely a fan, and wanted to get right back in after Mommy picked you up out of the pool. Also, with the encouragement of the boys, you got to try your first food this month! Applesauce takes a little work, and you’re not totally sure yet, but the train has started down the track, and there’s no going back anymore.

The warm weather has brought family walks almost every day on the weekend, with you riding along with Daddy in the ergo. One day of fussing, and we turned you around to face the world. Now you’re happy to ride along, whether walking, chasing the boys, or doing pullups. We tried out the swing, but you’re not quite on board with that yet. We’ll get there. Unlike your brothers, we’re not in a hurry to see you grow up so fast. We’re enjoying each day and each moment with you.


Daddy and Mommy