Months Thirty-One and Thirty-Two

June 12, 2022


Well, goodness. It was time to potty train this month, which means that this could be 6 paragraphs just discussing that. Or more. So much talk around the potty this month, but you’re getting it. Very few accidents, and staying dry through naps is all well worth the effort. You’ve gone from just starting out wanting all the independence. I came home from work one day to have you announce, “Daddy, I stuck my foot in the potty!” while attempting to climb on yourself.

Going #2 in the potty rewards you with a peppermint. Not an M&M, or anything else, you love those peppermints. We get your little face looking up from the potty at us. “I have pepperint?” Accompanied by straining to earn that peppermint. It took about two weeks for you to figure out that peppermints are not really to be chewed. Chewing a peppermint, you get this slightly concerned frown, very focused on working through that peppermint. It’s a very cute look, but it only lasted a little while. Now you’ve figured out how to suck on the peppermint and make it last a while. A very long while. Sometimes 30 minutes later it’s still in your cheek.

Enough potty talk, as it were. No more “Look, a million poops!” or “Excuse my bottom!” At least, not in this polite company. We’ll still be discussing this on the regular with you for the next couple months, but I think we can keep it internal. It’s such a big milestone for your parents when we can stop changing diapers. Especially because Daddy’s had a broken wrist and is doing that one-handed, with quite a bit of help from you. Between lifting your legs, and holding the pieces in place, it can be a one-handed job. With your independent streak, though, you’re wanting to do it yourself entirely now. So that means the diapers come off, the underwear comes on and off, etc. Random naked toddler running through the house to keep us on our toes.

Your voice has gotten clearer every day, along with an expanding vocabulary and knowledge of the world around you. You’ve had this sweet, clear-voiced “Yes?” and “No?” answers, pitched slightly like a question in answer to questions you are asked to which you know the answers. You regularly talk in your crib for a while now after we put you to bed. Only once you went so far as to stay up for a couple house, throwing out all your stuffed animals, and then crying for bunny. Having to go to sleep with all your stuffed animals on the floor (after the third time you did it that night) has nipped that problem. It’s hard not to give in to your little voice asking for your stuffed animals back, though.

We hear so many cute Titus-isms from you. You want to be held? You ask “Mommy hold you?” Or simply “Hold you?” with your arms out. Or even, “I want to hold Mommy!” This, when Daddy’s trying to get you out of your crib. With Daddy’s one hand, that requires quite a bit of help on your part. If you’re not on board, it’s pretty much impossible. The umbrella is a “rainbrella”, which, as Mommy says, makes way more sense anyway.

“I’m sorry, I love you, Mommy!” You’ve been exploring your independence more of late, including independence from listening to Mommy and Daddy. With those decisions come some consequences, but you’ve also realized that you’re the cutest, and an apology is a good way forward.

Seth was pretty sick this month and wanted to go take a bath after eating to feel better. You looked around the table, “My throat hurts too. Can I have a bath after Seth?” Also “My tummy hurts, can I have a bath?” Then, later, “I got water on my shirt. My shirt is wet. I need a bath?” Needless to say, you’re a big fan of a bath, and will go for one at the merest mention. Or, decide on your own that you want one.

Both Daddy and Froggy T had surgery this month. I think it helped you figure out what that even meant. Froggy T went away with Grandma after she visited, and then showed up in a package one day, all repaired! Just like Daddy. He disappeared for a little while, and then showed back up all repaired. Takes a little longer for Daddy to heal than a stuffed animal.

The flood from late March has resulted in a new bathroom in your room. Mommy’s done great work, and you’ve been fascinated as the flooring went in, the new vanity and sink, and finally a potty of your own! Each stage has brought remarks, from “they took my bathroom” to “I got a new potty!” Now the towels and rugs are sharks, which are pretty much your favorite. Goes along with your favorite shark jammies.

You continue to have fun with your brothers, from cheering them both on at their games, to holding your own on the trampoline with them. When Noah was throwing a fit on the main level, you stepped right up to the balcony railing and started saying “Wah, wah, wah” and rubbing your eyes as if crying, which set Noah off more, and pretty much killed Mommy and Daddy with containing their laughter.

Turnabout is fair play, though. Seth got you up on his bed, and then turned on the old, semi-functional Roomba he got from a neighbor. You had to call until Daddy heard you to come in and rescue you off the bed as you watched, wide-eyed, as the Roomba roamed the floor below you.

June brought a visit from the cousins and a trip to Virginia Beach for your first time at the beach. We had a great time as a family digging in the sand, playing in the waves, and swimming at the hotel. We got to play on the beach at sunset, fly kites, and just generally enjoy the seashore.

Life with you is a series of vignettes, each with its own special memories. Each day, each encounter we’d save if we could, capturing all the big and little details. We’ll just have to settle for the privilege of constantly having you in our lives.


Daddy and Mommy