Four Months

February 02, 2012


You’re learning everyday how to communicate with the world around you, especially with your mommy and daddy. Most of all, you’ve realized that you can laugh on top of your smiling, and we think it’s the best thing ever.

You got to go on your first airplane, kicking off a long lifetime of travel if your mom has anything to say about it. We took you out to San Diego, and then up to see Opa and Oma. You also got your first trip to the ocean, which didn’t seem to go over so well…guess you’re not ready for scuba diving just yet. Opa still had his 1960’s vintage Marklin train set up around the Christmas tree, and you were fascinated with it, watching it go round and round the tree.

You’ve found your toes, and you’re doing your very best to eat them. When it’s not that, it’s a valiant effort to put your whole hand in your mouth. I guarantee if you figure out how to do that, you’ll be a hit in elementary school. You can sit up by yourself now in the Bumbo, and you’re hard at work on your balance and muscles. You still hate tummy time, but that only lasts until you learn how to roll over. As soon as that happens, you get to do whatever you want on the floor.

You certainly know who your parents are now. When I had to go back to San Diego, we talked on Skype. You couldn’t understand why you could see and hear you daddy, but he wouldn’t pick you up. Probably made me just as sad as it did you. I expect you’ll be a fan of talking to Daddy on Skype later, but not just yet.

On the 7th, when we were at great-Opa and Oma’s house, you really laughed for the very first time. You even let me get it on video, to the great delight of all. We hope that the you learn to take joy in life as you get older, with a joy that flows from a foundation in Christ and from your parents, who love you very much.

You’re laughing every day now, whether it’s from playing on the changing table with me, or dancing with Mommy, or “walking” across the floor between my legs. We want you to stay small, but the new joys each day brings make this one of the most blessed times in our lives and it’s exciting to watch you grow.

Stay cool, little man. We love you lots.

Daddy and Mommy